Herd of sheep standing on grass
08 August 2019

Economic Contribution of Animal Health Products to Australia’s Livestock Industries, 2015-16

Animal health products (AHPs) are used to protect and treat animals with illnesses, diseases and injuries. They include vaccines, antimicrobial products, parasiticides, pain relief and other animal health products. They are critical to Australia’s livestock industries that rely on them to produce high quality, safe and market ready food and fibre.

Infographic of estimated total economic contribution attributable to animal health products use in 2015-16

Maintaining the health and welfare of livestock is critically important for productive, ethical and sustainable livestock, dairy and poultry industries. There is a virtuous circle where careful management of animal health and welfare is not only good for animals, but also good for human health, the environment and the economy. While this analysis focuses on the economic benefits, the human health, social and environmental benefits from maintaining animal health should not be ignored. These other benefits have not been quantified in this report.

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Economic Contribution of Animal Health Products to Australia's Livestock Industries, 2015-16

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