28 June 2019

Australia’s Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy – 2020 and Beyond

Australia’s 2020 Strategy to respond to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) requires co-operation, engagement and collaboration by all stakeholders. Australia’s animal health industries are committed to addressing the risks of AMR in partnership with all stakeholders.

In particular, our submission highlights that:

  • AMA supports the proposed framework for the new AMR Strategy, with shorter-term, sector-specific action plans to support the national Objectives. This includes scoping work in other sectors (such as the environment and food) consistent with a One Health approach.
  • AMA supports the development of evidence-based antimicrobial stewardship plans
    that reflect the specific needs and challenges of the animal health sector, its regulatory environment and the actions already taken to reduce the need to use antimicrobials. • AMA supports dedicated funding of animal health research in the future and a national research agenda that reflects the needs and priorities of its stakeholders.
  • AMA supports Australia’s ongoing engagement with regional and international stakeholders to address AMR. AMA encourages consistent and transparent engagement with all local stakeholders to ensure that Australia’s local needs and conditions are reflected in government positions and decisions.
  • AMA supports governance arrangements that include all stakeholders, including government, industry and users.

AMA supports an effective, responsible and balanced strategy that is consistent with One Health principles and that preserves antimicrobials as a valuable resource to protect human, animal and environmental health.

The Animal Medicines Australia submission on the consultation paper can be downloaded below.


Download pdf (606 KB)