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04 July 2023

HealthforAnimals: Animal Health and Sustainability – A Global Data Analysis

Animal Medicines Australia is a member of HealthforAnimals, who is the voice of the animal health industry and an advocate for the fundamental role of healthy animals in improving global wellbeing, sustainability and prosperity. HealthforAnimals represents developers and manufacturers of animal health products, including vaccines, diagnostics, parasiticides, antibiotics, digital technologies, and other tools that strengthen the health and well-being of animals.

The below report (‘Animal Health and Sustainability: A Global Data Analysis) was produced by Oxford Analytica for HealthforAnimals analysing the relationship between animal health and the economy, environment and society.

The research for the report, used a unique regression model to measure different animal health indicators, with findings showing key associations between livestock diseases and global livestock productivity, impacting the economy, climate change and global food security:

  • A 60% global vaccination rate for beef cattle correlates to a productivity rise of more than 50%.
  • A fall in disease levels of 10 percentage points is associated with an 800 million tonne decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Poultry disease was associated with a 5% rise in hunger in 2019 – equal to an additional 34 million people going hungry.

Download the report: Animal health and Sustainability A Global Data Analysis

Download pdf (5 MB)