05 July 2018

World Zoonoses Day

Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) said World Zoonosis Day reminds us that healthy animals also mean better health outcomes for people.

“Livestock that is free from disease is essential for healthy, nutritious and sustainable animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs. Responsible and judicious use of animal medicines also help keep our pets healthy by preventing and treating illness and disease,” AMA Executive Director Ben Stapley said.

“By protecting the health and welfare of animals, we are also protecting ourselves from zoonotic diseases,” said Mr Stapley. Infectious diseases do pass between humans and animals: hookworm, cat scratch fever, E coli, and avian influenza are some examples. Keeping animals healthy controls zoonoses and safeguards our own health. This is consistent with OneHealth principles that recognise that human, animal and environmental health is interconnected.

To assist owners understand their responsibilities in protecting the health of their pets, AMA has prepared responsible pet ownership guidelines. The guidelines provide practical suggestions on how owners may best protect themselves and their animals from zoonoses.

“In addition to ensuring that vaccinations and worming schedules are maintained, pet owners should form a trusting relationship with their veterinarian and seek their advice when animals within their care become ill,” said Mr Stapley.

180705 World Zoonoses Day

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