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24 April 2020

Veterinarians providing frontline care to pets and livestock

World Veterinary Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the work undertaken by veterinarians around the world.

Executive Director of Animal Medicines Australia, Ben Stapley, said that veterinarians should be recognised for protecting the health of pets and livestock throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our pets have provided so much comfort to Australians as they practice social distancing. We live in very close proximity with our pets and regard our pets as members of the family. Many people have had the opportunity to foster, adopt or take in a pet for the first time and are now experiencing the joy of pet ownership”, Mr Stapley said.

“Without veterinarians, pet ownership on this scale wouldn’t be possible. Vets keep our pets healthy, provide advice to owners and protect human health from zoonotic diseases.

“Livestock veterinarians are essential to a healthy livestock sector, ensuring that Australian food safety levels are the best in the world. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, vets have continued to protect the integrity and safety of our food supply chains.

“The animal health sector would like to acknowledge the work of all veterinarians. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic vets across Australia have worked to implement new and additional measures to ensure that the health and welfare of all animals under our care can be maintained.

“Without the skilled efforts of veterinarians animals are vulnerable to treatable conditions so we especially thank vets for protecting animal health. Just as human health professionals should be acknowledged for their frontline care, veterinarians are on the frontline of animal care.”

World Veterinary Day is held every year on the last Saturday of April. This year World Veterinary Day falls on 25 April.

Veterinarians providing frontline care

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