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21 June 2018

Take your dog to work day

Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) is reminding dog owners to remember their pet ownership responsibilities on TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY.

There are many benefits of taking your dog to work including improved morale, reduced stress, improved work life balance with more walks and breaks, greater company loyalty, and reduced guilt from not needing to leave your dog at home.

Before turning up to work on Friday with your dog, it is important to check with your workplace about their pet policy and that your employer is comfortable with the arrangement. You may also want to check with your colleagues to make sure anyone with allergies is prepared.

If your workplace does not have a pet policy, you may want to consider introducing one. Your policy should include the fundamentals of responsible pet ownership:

  • Ensure the dog’s vaccinations are up to date
  • Ensure the dog has received regular flea and worm treatments
  • Remember to take the dog’s lead, poo bags, water bowl and food
  • The dog is microchipped (and preferably de-sexed)
  • The dog is socialised and doesn’t bark or growl at colleagues

“The day is an important time to remember your responsible pet ownership responsibilities,” said AMA Executive Director Ben Stapley. “It isn’t only your dog you need to think about, but your colleagues’ health and safety too which means demonstrating responsible pet ownership in the workplace.”

AMA’s Pet Ownership in Australia survey found that two in five households own a dog and many workplaces encourage employees to take their pets to work. Some workplaces even have identification passes for pet dogs, so colleagues know who owns the dog and can ask permission to take the dog for a walk.

“Owning a pet dog has many benefits and being able to take them to work means even more people can access those benefits but before that can happen, pet owners need to demonstrate responsible pet ownership,” Mr Stapley said.

180621 Take Your Dog to Work Day

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