09 October 2018

Public confidence essential for APVMA

Following recent media reporting Animal Medicines Australia has underlined its commitment to an effective and independent regulator for veterinary medicines.

“It is essential the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) continue to hold public confidence as an independent regulator,” said Executive Director Ben Stapley.

“The APVMA provides a rigorous and high-quality service as a regulator of veterinary medicines in Australia, and I have no concerns about the integrity of the APVMA.

“Veterinary medicines in Australia are held to the highest scientific standards, and this allows the public to feel assured that companion animals and livestock have access to quality and innovative health products.

“Should there be a Senate inquiry into the APVMA, Animal Medicines Australia will work constructively to ensure any issues identified are addressed efficiently and effectively.

“We welcome the opportunity to discuss funding arrangements with regards to the regulator.”

181009 APVMA Senate Inquiry

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