14 September 2022

Australia’s animal health sector is committed to the global effort to achieve a more sustainable future

Animal Medicines Australia’s Actions in Animal Health Sustainability report outlines the Australian animal health sector’s contribution to a sustainable future.

Executive Director Ben Stapley said the Australian animal health sector is working hard to supply essential products and services that enhance the health and sustainability of Australia’s livestock and companion animal industries.

“The devastating impacts of recent natural disasters as well as the COVID19 pandemic are still being felt. It has never been more important for policy makers to implement thoughtful and effective policies that protect our natural environment, our livestock production systems, and our communities that we share with our pets” Mr Stapley said.

“Understanding and embracing the complex relationship between human health and animal health within an environment that we share is critical to ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for Australia.

“In this report, we describe the role animal medicines play in ensuring Australians have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food, improving the health and wellbeing of the people and animals that make up our communities, and contributing to the health and biodiversity of our natural environment,” continued Mr Stapley.

“The global vision of a more sustainable future cannot be achieved by one sector alone. The global aspiration to ensure a better and more sustainable future for all will only be achieved through coordinated, collaborative action.

“Australia’s animal health sector is committed to championing this global movement by continuing to build upon our actions, collaborate with others and support our farmers, veterinarians and pet owners in achieving their own sustainability goals.”


Actions in Animal Health Sustainability report Media Release

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