09 June 2021

APVMA performance improvement sustained

The latest APVMA performance statistics show recent improvements in timeliness at the regulator have been sustained.

The performance report for the March 2021 quarter shows that 99% of product applications for veterinary medicines were completed within statutory timeframes in line with results from the previous quarter.

Executive Director of Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) Ben Stapley said that timely decisions on veterinary medicine applications are essential to provide vets, farmers and pet owners with the tools to meet the health and welfare needs of animals under their care.

“These results are very pleasing as they are an indication that the independent, scientific-risk based assessments conducted by the regulator are on track.

“Major applications which require significant assessment by the APVMA are receiving an on -time assessment at a rate of 95%. The animal health industry welcomes this.

“The APVMA went through significant upheaval when the independent agency was relocated which resulted in a high staff turnover rate. We are now seeing the benefit of a renewed focus on core business and the hard work of APVMA staff.”

“The animal health industry has worked with the Government and the regulator to ensure that any disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have been limited ensuring the registration of essential animal health products could continue. “

The APVMA March 2021 performance report can be viewed here.

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