02 November 2018

Animal medicines add value to Australia’s livestock industries

The Economic Contribution of Animal Health Products to Australia’s Livestock Industries, 2015-2016 report commissioned by Animal Medicines Australia confirms the important role of veterinary medicines in supporting our livestock industries.

Executive Director of Animal Medicines Australia Ben Stapley said the report has for first time quantified the additional economic value of animal medicines in key livestock industries.

The report considers the value added through the use of animal health products in seven key production industries including beef, dairy, wool, sheep meat, eggs and chicken meat.

“We know that healthy animals are more productive and now we have been able to put a dollar figure on the benefit that is supplied by animal health products,” said Mr Stapley.

The report undertaken by ACIL Allen Consulting showed animal health products:

  • contribute $2,668 million to the Australian economy;
  • create 9,898 full time jobs; and
  • generate more than $578 million in wages.

Additionally, the report recognizes use of animal health products has a positive outcome for consumers with costs savings on an average grocery bill of almost $270 per annum.

“Consumers are beneficiaries of increased production as a result of animal health products. The responsible use of these products results in healthier animals, higher production for farmers and a reduced grocery bill,” said Mr Stapley.

“The estimated productivity attributable to animal health products ranged from 14% for poultry meat to 28.5% in dairy farming. This is a considerable productivity gain for farmers, which in turn benefits consumers.”

“Animal health products are vital in maintaining healthy and productive animals and protecting them from disease.

“Animal Medicines Australia members are at the forefront of agricultural production industries, helping farmers to meet the challenges of food security, safety, sustainability and profitability through innovation.

Animal Medicines Australia is committed to achieving better health for people, animals and the environment through One Health principles.

The Economic Contribution of Animal Health Products to Australia’s Livestock Industries, 2015-2016 report is available here.

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