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06 September 2019

AMA welcomes review of veterinary medicine regulation

Animal Medicines Australia (AMA), the peak industry association representing registrants of veterinary medicines, has welcomed the Commonwealth Government’s announcement for an independent review of the regulatory framework for agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals.

“Veterinary medicines are critical tools essential to protecting the health and welfare of all animals in our care. Our regulatory systems for ensuring the safety of veterinary medicines need to evolve to take account of new technologies and innovations that will continue to emerge”, said AMA’s Executive Director, Mr Ben Stapley.

“Using veterinary medicines and animal health products contributes to between 5% and 15% of Australia’s livestock productivity. This equates to at least another $2.7billion each year and an extra ten thousand jobs,

“Similarly, veterinary medicines are essential for maintaining the health and welfare of our pets. They are essential for responsible pet ownership and promote beneficial relationships between pets and their owners,

“We look forward to working with the review panel to develop recommendations for veterinary medicines regulation that provides reward for innovation, recognises the deep linkages between animal and human health, and supports the safe, responsible, sustainable and judicious use of veterinary medicines,” Mr Stapley said.

The independent review of the regulatory framework for agvet chemicals is expected to report to the Minster for Agriculture no later than February 2021.

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