10 December 2021

The AMR Vet Collective

The AMR Vet Collective translates the science around antimicrobial resistance and stewardship into meaningful and practical information that veterinarians can call upon to make informed, evidence-based decisions in their daily practice.

Their aim is to enable veterinarians to feel confident in understanding stewardship principles so that they can diagnose, prescribe and manage infectious patients with confidence.

The AMR Vet Collective provides a one-stop shop for antimicrobial resistance and stewardship resources, including prescribing support, guidelines, continuing education and practice resources.

The AMR Vet Collective’s vision and objectives align with AMA’s commitment to antimicrobial stewardship.

Ensuring vets have access to appropriate resources regarding antimicrobial stewardship is critical to attaining global and local sustainability and animal welfare targets.

AMA is proud to support the AMR Vet Collective to help veterinarians and others access advice, tools and guidance in support of veterinary medicine stewardship.


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