22 June 2022

Responsible disposal of unwanted or expired veterinary medicines









Unwanted medicines in the home and on farms are a potential hazard to young and old. Accidental poisonings from medicines are a common reason for hospitalisation and premature death.

It is important that expired or unwanted animal medicines are not stored for later use or used in other animals, as they may no longer be effective and could have adverse effects.

Unwanted medicines, both human and animal, and their empty containers should be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Agsafe’s ChemClear® program and the RUM Project provide safe and sustainable pathways for you to dispose of unwanted or expired veterinary medicines responsibly.


  1. Read the label on your veterinary medicines and check the expiry date. Consider whether you still need all the medicines for your animals.
  2. Place all expired and unwanted veterinary medicines in a bag or container for safe transport and disposal.
  3. Is the product in an original container that is 1 litre or greater? If so, it may be eligible for Agsafe’s ChemClear® program – which is free for products carrying the drumMUSTER logo. Go online to register the product for collection at https://www.chemclear.org.au/.
  4. Is the product eligible for the RUM Project? If so, return the expired or unwanted veterinary medicines to your local pharmacy. Your pharmacist will put your veterinary medicines in a secure bin for safe disposal.

For more information, visit chemclear.org.au, returnmed.com.au or talk to your local pharmacist.

More information

Frequently Asked Questions | Return of Unwanted Medicine (returnmed.com.au)



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