World Vaccination Day

20th April 2016

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World Animal Vaccination Day promotes the importance of vaccination in all animals. More than 100 animal diseases can be prevented through vaccination, helping to protect many species including dogs, cats, cattle, swine, poultry, horses, sheep, exotic pets, fish and wild animals.[1]

Vaccination not only protects animal health and improves welfare through reduced disease, it is also vital to protect human health. Rabies is a prime example of this, where research has shown that vaccinating just 70 per cent of the dog population is enough to eliminate the risk of rabies infections in people. [2]

Diseases such as rabies are ‘zoonotic’ and are transmissible between animal and humans. 75% of all new human pathogens originate from animal sources. Vaccines are key to limiting the future spread of infectious diseases from animal to people around the world.

Vaccination of food-producing animals also helps to ensure a safe and sustainable supply of protein, which is especially important as the population continues to grow. Vaccinations also help reduce the need to use some medicines such as antibiotics when dealing with diseases.

World Animal Vaccination Day is brought to you by HealthforAnimals and the World Veterinary Association. To find our more head to and
[1] IFAH (now HealthforAnimals) Whitepaper ‘The benefits of vaccines and vaccination’, 2012