Livestock is Australia’s fastest growing export





Joint Media Release
29 February 2016

A recent study by Australia’s foremost agricultural policy institute has found Australia’s livestock industry is Australia’s fastest growing export sector.

Commissioned by Animal Medicines Australia, the Australian Farm Institute report “The economic importance of Australia’s livestock industries and the role of animal medicines and productivity-enhancing technologies” found that in 2014-15, Australia’s livestock export value grew 20% over the previous year and contributed in excess of $26 billion of farm-gate economic value.

“As a result of rising consumer demand, the gross value of Australian livestock production drew level with the value of plant production, and the value of livestock exports exceeded that of plant industry exports – the first time for many years that this has been the case,” said the Australian Farm Institute Executive Director, Mick Keogh.

Animal Medicines Australia CEO, Duncan Bremner, said the animal health industry sector was fundamental to the vibrancy of the rural sector.

“A key selling point of Australian livestock is the assurance that the product is safe and disease free – and that assurance would not exist without the ongoing commitment of the animal health industry to invest and grow the animal portfolio we currently experience in Australia,” Mr Bremner said.

“The simple reality is that the suite of animal health products available to Australia livestock producers is enabling Australia’s livestock producers to be world leaders in treating and preventing disease”.

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