Animal Health Sector Praises Racing Australia

Media Release 31 July

The animal health and veterinary product sectors have welcomed the decision by Racing Australia to defer the implementation of an amended Australian Rule of Racing dealing with compounded pharmaceuticals and unregistered products (AR.80E.).

Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) and the Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association (VMDA) joined in praising Racing Australia for the introduction of the rule to restrict the availability of unregistered veterinary medicines and uncontrolled compounded products, but welcomed the deferment of the proposed implementation date of 1st August 2015.

“By deferring the implementation to allow further consultation with stakeholders and consideration of the matters, Racing Australia will be able to avoid any unintended consequences from a potentially premature implementation,” VMDA Executive Director Jim Adams said.

“There are a number of veterinary products that are not required to be registered (including various supplements and nutrition products), and there are specific rules surrounding the legitimate compounding of medicines for treatment of specific horses that it is essential trainers and veterinarians alike are clear on what is permitted and more importantly, what is not.”

At the same time, they acknowledge that careful wording of the amendment is fundamental to ensuring that exemptions provided for under the Agvet Code are recognised, without weakening the intent of the rule.

“Racing Australia and their CEO Peter McGauran are to be applauded for their sensible, considered, and measured response to the concerns the industry has raised with them in regard to this issue,” Animal Medicines Australia CEO Duncan Bremner said.

“The misapplication or manipulation of the rules surrounding unregistered and uncontrolled compounded products is a serious issue, with potentially dire consequence for the racing industry including trainers, veterinarians, horse-owners, and of course the health of racehorses.”