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Pets have become an important part of the everyday lives of the majority of Australians. Pet owners value the animals they choose to share their lives with and prioritise their health and wellbeing. As such, Australia’s pet care industry has grown and evolved to offer a wide range of products and services.

Animal Medicines Australia, previously Animal Health Alliance commissioned Galaxy Research to undertake the Australian Pet Ownership Survey to assist in the production of this report.

AMA is pleased to share this document free of charge however acknowledgment of Animal Medicines Australia would be appreciated.

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The Common Good – Benefits of Antibiotics for Animals and People.
Written by “HealthforAnimals’ – The Global Animal Medicines Association (formally IFAH), this White Paper looks at issues such as ‘Securing food for the future – with help from innovation; Responsible use of antibiotics – beyond animal health and welfare; Antibiotics – the resistance issue.


AIDAP – Australasian Infectious Diseases Advisory Panel, Antibiotic Prescribing Detailed Guidelines, Vets Australia.
In 2010 AIDAP was formed to develop guidelines to help veterinarians manage infectious diseases in companion animals, with a focus on the use of antibiotics. Overuse and misuse of antibiotics plays a major role in the development of resistant organisms; prevention of the emergence of greater resistance through prudent use of antibiotics is essential. AIDAP is a comprehensive and detailed resource for veterinarians, offering pertinent practical tips to improve antimicrobial stewardship.

Animal Health Institute – AHI is the American equivalent of Animal Medicines Australia. They have a comprehensive range of resources including a number of research papers which can be found here.


To ensure you have fit, healthy and productive animals it is imperative that you vaccinate your animals correctly. Always seek advice from qualified professionals; as a guide, refer to the helpful links below sourced from various industry bodies such as the Australian Veterinary Association and NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Dogs and cats      Horses       Cattle      Sheep    Pigs       Poultry


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Cattle worm control – the basics. NSW Department of Primary Industries

Controlling worms in Pigs. QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries